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Gallery — Commissions

Here is a sample of the miniatures that I have painted for others. I started taking commissions in 2005.

Discworld Eleven Thumb Legions of the Damned Thumb Disworld Three Thumb Discworld Two Thumb Genestealers Thumb Bog Raiders Set Thumb Discworld Thumb Cadian Ogryns Thumb Cadian Kasrkin Squad Thumb Cadian Command HQ Thumb Sergeant Kasrkin Thumb Colonel Schaeffer Thumb Ogre KB Front Thumb Ogre KB Back Thumb Giant Frog Thumb Rat Thumb Grenadier8 Thumb Gnome1 Thumb Gnome2 Thumb Gnome3 Thumb Gnome4 Thumb Ral Partha E 1991 Thumb Grenadier6 Thumb Grenadier7 Thumb Kobold Thumb Chaos Dwarf With Horn Thumb Chaos Dwarf Thumb Female Paladin Thumb Grenadier2 Thumb MFG Thumb Grenadier4 Thumb Orc Leader Thumb Orc Champ Thumb Orc Standard Thumb

Last update 25 March 2018