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Gallery — Discworld

These metal multi-part miniatures are made by MicroArt Studios. I am selling these figures and can take commissions for the same or different colour schemes.

Dark Rincewind front Thumb Dark Rincewind back Thumb Death in black front Thumb Death in black back Thumb  Thumb Dark Bursar back Thumb Dark Ridcully front Thumb Dark Ridcully back Thumb Wrangler front Thumb Wrangler back Thumb Death Bike Thumb Death Bike Thumb Death Bike Thumb Nanny Broom right view Thumb Nanny Broom left view Thumb Granny Broom right view Thumb Granny Broom left view Thumb Magrat Broom right view Thumb Magrat Broom left view Thumb Moist Von Lipwig front Thumb Moist Von Lipwig back Thumb CMOT Dibbler front Thumb CMOT Dibbler back Thumb Foul ole Ron and Gaspode front Thumb Foul ole Ron and Gaspode back Thumb Coughin' Henry Thumb Coughin' Henry back Thumb Duckman front Thumb Duckman back Thumb Arnold Sideways front Thumb Arnold Sideways back Thumb Bursar front Thumb Bursar back Thumb Otto Chriek front Thumb Otto Chriek side Thumb Mustrum Ridcully front Thumb Mustrum Ridcully back Thumb Cassununda front Thumb Cassununda back Thumb Twoflower front Thumb Twoflower back Thumb Captain Carrot front Thumb Captain Carrot back Thumb Sergeant Angua front Thumb Sergeant Angua back Thumb Sergeant Colon front Thumb Sergeant Colon back Thumb Cheery Littlebottom front Thumb Cheery Littlebottom back Thumb Death RnR front Thumb Death RnR back Thumb Luggage front Thumb Luggage back Thumb Cohen front Thumb Cohen back Thumb Susan front Thumb Susan back Thumb Nobby front Thumb Nobby back Thumb Vimes on cobbles front Thumb Vimes on cobbles back Thumb Esme on cobbles front Thumb Esme on cobbles back Thumb Nanny Ogg on cobbles front Thumb Nanny Ogg on cobbles back Thumb Death Front Thumb Death Side Thumb Rincewind Front Thumb Rincewind Back Thumb

Last update 25 March 2018