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Gallery — Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

I completed painting the plastic miniatures from this new board game by Hasbro, along with its Eternal Winter expansion back in 2005. The plastic miniatures of the Forbidden Forest expansion were completed early in 2006. I believe this game is now out of print.

Evil Elwick Thumb Elwick Thumb Owlbear Front View Thumb Owlbear Back View Thumb Razor Boar Thumb Shambling Mound Thumb Orwick Thumb Yellow Yuan-Ti Front View Thumb Yellow Yuan-Ti Back View Thumb Orange Yuan-Ti Front View Thumb Orange Yuan-Ti Back View Thumb Blue Yuan-Ti Front View Thumb Blue Yuan-Ti Back View Thumb Dragon Alternate View Thumb Dragon Thumb Frost Salamander Front View Thumb Frost Salamander Back View Thumb Winter Wolf Thumb Goblin Marauder Thumb Morkahn Thumb Jozan Thumb Lidda Thumb Mialee Thumb Regdar Thumb Carrion Crawler Thumb Goblin Thumb Half Ogre Thumb Lich Thumb Bugbear Thumb Ogre Thumb Skeleton Thumb Gnoll Thumb Troll Thumb Wight Thumb Wraith Thumb Dice Thumb

Last update 25 March 2018