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Gallery — Hero Quest

I completed painting the plastic miniatures for this old, out of print board game by Milton Bradley back in 2005. I have two sets and also tried making a few simple mods.

Blonde Barbarian Barbarian Dwarf Grey Beard Dark Elf Elf Wizard With Skull Staff Wizard Chaos Sorceror Fire Chaos Sorceror Ice Chaos Warrior Blue Chaos Warrior Green Chaos Warrior Red Chaos Warrior Yellow Fimir Gargoyle Fire Gargoyle Stone and Ash Goblin With Axe Goblin With Rat Goblin With Scimitar Goblin With Short Sword Armless Mummy Mummy Orc With Cleaver Orc With Flail Orc With Sword Skeleton With Axe Skeleton With Turned Scythe Skeleton Zombie Throne Tomb Alchemist Table Altar Torture Rack Weapon Rack Table Bookcase Chest Fireplace

Last update 25 March 2018