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Gallery — Mostly Metal

Here is a selection of my old, mostly metal figures, produced by various manufacturers and purchased in the early 1980s for use with TSRs Basic and then Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Many of these miniatures have suffered from lead rot so it has become more of a restoration project than simply re-painting. This work has been on-going since 2005.

Hydra Thumb Thief with match thumb Umber Hulk Thumb Gandalf Thumb Winged Monkey Thumb Sorceress Thumb Chaos Warrior Plastic Thumb Ogre Thumb Orc Wolf Rider Thumb Wolf Thumb Paladin Thumb Statue Thumb Treasure Horde Thumb Undead Samurai With Bow Thumb Undead Samurai With Flag Thumb Undead Samurai With Spear Thumb Undead Samurai With Sword Thumb Undead Warrior With Shield Thumb Undead Wearing Cloak Thumb Undead With Eye Missing Thumb War Wyvern Rider Close Up Thumb War Wyvern With Orc Rider Thumb Wyvern Thumb

Last update 25 March 2018