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23 August 2017 — Services Resumed

I am now taking on new commissions and have some items for sale on Ebay. It is great to be back!

03 December 2012 — Suspension of Services

I am not taking on any new commissions at this time and have no items for sale. I hope to resume service as soon as possible.

03 December 2012 — Additions to the Discworld Gallery

Added more of my commissions to the Discworld Gallery. The wizards comprised of the Bursar, Mustrum Ridcully, the Senior Wrangler and Rincewind were painted in darker colours based on the style of the Science of the Discworld book cover. Also added are Death (painted black this time) and Death on a Motorbike, The three witches on Brooms (Nanny Ogg, Magrat and Granny Weatherwax), the Canting Crew (Foul Ole Ron with Gaspode, Duck Man, Coughin Henry and Arnold Sideways), Moist Von Lipwig and CMOT Dibbler.

03 April 2011 — Additions to Games Workshop Gallery

Warhammer 40,000 Legion of the Damned Squad and troops, including the sergeant, torch bearer and multi meta.

23 March 2011 — Commission Work Added to Gallery

Some of the latest commission work added to the gallery including Discworld figures and some Games Workshop, Warhammer 40,000, Legion of the Damned Squad and troops. More detailed photographs will be added to the relevant galleries soon.

02 March 2010 — Eight More Discworld Figures added to the Gallery

Otto Chriek, Angua, Captain Carrot, Seargent Colon, Cheery Littlebottom, Twoflower, Cassanunda and Mustrum Ridcully, on cobblestone bases, are the latest additions to the Discworld Gallery.

15 September 2009 — More Discworld Figures added to the Gallery

Nobby Nobbs, Susan Sto Helit, Cohen The Barbarian, The Luggage and Death R'n'R are new additions along with Nanny Ogg, Esme Weatherwax and Sam Vimes all on cobblestone bases.

05 June 2009 — Chaos Knights added to the Warhammer Gallery and Shop - they are for sale!

28 May 2009 — Genestealers added to Commission Gallery

31 March 2009 — Joined Twitter

Thought I would see what all the fuss was about and joined Twitter - added an update box to the home page and blog page. So now you can see what I am up to in real time (well almost, it really depends if I can bother to keep typing stuff in!). In the process of doing this I have simplified the information on my home page and moved more of the detailed stuff to the about me page.

28 March 2009 — Added a shop page

UK customers can now buy completed figures (that is miniatures that have been fully assembled, cleaned, primed, painted and varnished by me) direct from this site using the PayPal checkout system. Overseas customers will be able to see what is currently for sale and can purchase figures by contacting me with their order, email and postal address — I will then send a PayPal invoice that includes the correct postage amount. Do not forget that if you have a specific colour scheme or miniature in mind, or would like to purchase something that has sold out, I am still available for commission work.

This shop page has replaced the old for sale page — as I am no longer selling my work on EBay.

09 March 2009 — Bog Raiders added to Commission Gallery

06 February 2009 — contact me form added

As a better solution to prevent spam to my email address I have added a contact form on the contact me page. It does exactly what is says on the tin! If you want to contact me simply fill in your name, email address and message and I will receive an email that I can reply to directly.

04 February 2009 — add this added!

Added the popular “add this” button to my pages to make them easier to bookmark and share with the most commonly used social networking and bookmark sites, and via email.

03 February 2009 — Minor Updates

Just went through my gallery title pages and added some more details, with dates so you can tell roughly when the miniatures were painted and have an idea of what is still to come. Also updated my links page and changed the email link to a contact me page (I am fed up with all the spam from web-robots so I have provided my email address within a picture rather than using a mailto link).

31 January 2009 — new warhammer gallery

Added a Warhammer gallery to show the Vampire Counts Crypt Ghouls that I just finished painting to sell on EBay.

28 January 2009 — added for sale page

Added a section to show the items I currently have for sale on Ebay.

24 January 2009 — new discworld gallery

Added a new section to the galleries to show my painting of the new Discworld miniatures made by MicroArt Studios. I am painting these to sell and can take commissions for different colour schemes. So far there are Death, Sam Vimes, Rincewind, Esme Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. I have also added some gretchins and orks to the Space Crusade gallery, and a hydra and a thief with a small torch to the Mostly Metal gallery.

19 december 2008 — additions to the galleries

Managed to get the camera out today and took some photographs of some of my more recent completed figures. There are five additions to Descent Journeys in the Dark: beastman, sorcerer, Grey Ker, One Fist and skeleton. Four additions to Mostly Metal: old TSR figures Gandalf and Umber Hulk, a monkey with wings (reminds me of those nasty creatures in the Wizard of Oz) and the very first miniature I ever bought — a sorceress, she has suffered badly from lead rot and I have tried to reconstruct her hand. One addition to War of the Ring: Southrons & Easterlings Elite. Finally I have taken a better picture of the android from Space Crusade to replace the front view of this figure.

12 december 2008 — site update

Added a link to my new Blog - created using Google Blogger. I hope to use the Blog to keep you informed of what I am currently painting, along with other news and views related to all my hobbies and interests. Whilst adding the new link I (hopefully) improved the link bar at the top of the pages to make the sections clearer.

08 december 2008 — site update

In order to concentrate this site on my miniature painting service I have moved my genealogy and carnivorous plant pages to another host, although they will still be available via links from this site. I have also adjusted my header montages to reflect these changes.

06 december 2008 — additions to commission gallery

Added thirteen of my latest commissions to the gallery — Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Cadian Kaskrin Squad with Sergeant Kaskrin and a couple of Special Guns, and three Cadian Ogryns. The large metal Ogryns came in two or three parts and required the use of “green stuff” in the joins as they were a very poor fit.

22 october 2008 — additions to commission gallery

Added six of my latest commissions to the gallery — Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Cadian Imperial Guard Command HQ comprised of Officer, Medic, Vox Operator, Cadian with Meltagun, Company Standard Bearer and a wounded Cadian.

29 september 2008 — additions to commission gallery

Added two of my latest commissions to the gallery — Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Cadian Imperial Guard Colonel Schaeffer and Sergeant Kaskrin.

early september 2008 — site upgrade finally completed

Although it took almost a year I finally finished the major overhaul to the website and actually uploaded it to the web for all to see — replacing the site that had been there since September 2007.

august 2008 — implementation of php to improve website

During the overhaul process I learnt a little bit about PHP and how it could be of benefit to my site. Now that the major offline overhaul nears completion I discover a method that would have halfed the time taken to do it — better late than never!

October 2007 — Implementation of CSS to whole website

Started on another major overhaul of the site offline, whilst in the process of learning about cascading style sheets (CSS) and more advanced HTML. Decided to keep the blue background with black writing because it is easy on the eyes, adding the salmon colour for menu highlighting. All of the pages on the site should now have the same theme so the site does not look so disjointed and any future changes should be easy to implement. I abandoned JAlbum due to the difficulty in adding a few pictures at a time and made my own gallery pages from scratch again so that they would fit better with my overall theme. I also made my own genealogy pages, moving away from using PAF5 to auto generate them.

10 September 2007 — Added more Descent figures to the gallery


15 June 2007 — Major site overhaul

The website was given a completely new look inspired by my failing laptop whose screen had a constant red tinge that made viewing black pages a real pain on the eyes. The colour scheme was changed to pale blue with black writing and purple for highlights. The homepage was updated to reflect my two main hobbies rather than concentrating solely on painted miniatures and the site navigation was adjusted to reflect this. I improved the look of the links at the top of each page by loosing the buttons and going with text. The family history pages were improved by altering the HTML produced by PAF5 to better suit my needs. I removed the forum because it was being constantly spammed, but I did finally add the links page that I had been talking about for ages. Although the gallery had the same old colour scheme I did add a new section for my latest boardgame: Descent Journeys In the Dark.

16 April 2007 — Updated family history pages

Used PAF5 to update my family history pages with my latest genealogy research, editing some of the pages myself

21 January 2007 — Gallery updated

Completed the green team for Doom the Boardgame, added more commission work and started Space Crusade section.

10 Nov 2006 — Added family history pages

Used PAF5 to make my first family history pages and added a link to them from the about me page.

08 August 2006 — Updated painting service page

06 July 2006 — Minor updates

Improved the navigation buttons and updated the homepage and about me page.

07 January 2006 — Started using JAlbum for gallery pages

Overhauled the gallery pages using JAlbum so that I could get away from using frames. This led to a seperate index page for them, which allowed the main homepage to become more static with a simple site overview and montage. I also added link buttons to the top of each page to aid site navigation. In the gallery I added two new sections; War of the Ring (companions, minions and leaders) and Commissions; I also renamed the Old Metal Minis’s section to Mostly Metal. The Forbidden Forest and Dragon Strike miniatures were finished and the Doom green team was almost complete.

26 June 2005 — Added a forum and improved gallery navigation

I added a forum for discussion of painted miniatures, boardgames and related topics mainly as a way of getting feedback on the site. I also spent some time trying to improve the gallery layout and navigation system by using frames.

24 Jun 2005 — More Forbidden Forest figures added to the Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame gallery

21 June 2005 — New email address from my domain

Updated pages to include my new tiannastarfall email address. I gave each page its own header montage to keep the pages themed together. In the gallery I added a few more Dragon Strike figures and started the Forbidden Forest Expansion for Dungeon and Dragons Boardgame.

20 June 2005 — Designed header montage

To give the homepage more of an identity I designed a header montage using my painted miniatures. I also added photographs of the painting process to the the painting service page.

19 June 2005 — Added the painting service page

I jazzed up my homepage with some image-links to the galleries and added the painting service page. In the gallery I added Old Metal Minis’s to show the restoration work of mostly metal figures from the 1980s.

02 June 2005 — Got my own domain

Set up a redirection page from my old site and started The pages followed the same format as before and I added the fact that I would take on commission work painting miniatures. The main changes in the gallery were better photographs of the now matt When Darkness Comes figures and I had finished painting the red team for Doom the Boardgame.

16 February 2005 — Tianna Starfall website started

My first website was started in order to showcase my painted miniatures, back then the webpage was black with orange writing (inspired by Tigger!) and written in very basic HTML. I had a small "about me page" and homemade gallery pages. In the gallery I had all the basic game components and a few mods for Hero Quest, all the basic game miniatures and the Eternal Winter Expansion for Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame, all eight miniatures for When Darkness Comes and the Forbidden Horror expansion, Dragon Strike was incomplete, and I had just started painting the red team for Doom the Boardgame.

Last update 25 March 2018